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Terre MX- Rules & FAQs

Rules & FAQs

Terre MX- Rules & FAQs

First Thing's First, The Rules


Terre MX is an inclusive and welcoming place. We want everyone to feel safe and have a great time. So we have a few simple ground rules.

  1. No riding while under the influence of ANY alcohol or drugs. This can be a dangerous sport and we take safety seriously. If you break this rule you will be asked to leave with no refunds. Save that cold beer for AFTER the victory lap.

  2. Everyone is welcome and respected at our place. We don't need to get into basic manners do we?

  3. If you are acting or riding recklessly we reserve the right to end your session with no refund. Again, respect others and the equipment. Ride and act safely.

  4. We require 48 hours notice to cancel you reservation and refund your deposit. 

  5. Rain dates happen. We're happy to reschedule and, if another time doesn't work, can refund your deposit.

  6. If you’re riding in, or acting in, a way that endangers you or others you will get a warning. If you persist we reserve the right to end your session without a refund.

  7. The person who rents the bike is the person who gets to ride it. For insurance and liability purposes we cannot share rentals. We can accomodate shorter rides under special circumstances. Just talk to us, we're here to help.


If something breaks, who is responsible?

Terre MX is responsible for:

  • Electrical malfunction

  • Motor/drivetrain issues

  • General wear and tear

You are responsible for:

  • Cosmetic damage due to misuse or accidents

  • Broken parts due to misuse or accidents like (but not limited to) bent bars or forks, torn seats, smashed electronics, etc.

These damages will be reclaimed from the credit card on deposit based on a price list for repairs.

These bikes are tough! Just ride within your ability to have a safe and fun day.

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